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At Ardent Global Real Estate Investment LLC, we are passionate about uplifting communities one at a time. The Phoenix Community Initiative is a non-profit that was born out of the belief in alleviating the needs of at-risk communities.

We tackle specific issues like ex-offender and re-integration programs, shelters for battered and abused women, and food banks and food drives. Currently in the works is a sports academy program being tailored for at-risk youth in high crime areas.

Our current program, "The Dynamics of Highly Successful Living Through Real Estate Investment," is offered to current and ex-offenders in correctional facilities. This specific program teaches inmates real estate investment through a nine-month intensive program in prison, with a great emphasis on spirit, mental, emotional, and physical change.

Upon successful completion, ex-offenders are released to a Phoenix Community Initiative halfway house to complete phase two of the program. Successful candidates are guaranteed a job with Ardent Global Investment.

By promoting pro-active programs in our society, changes are being made. Please take a moment to view our current programs offered below.

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